Sunday, January 24, 2010

want some tips ar?

i just want to share some tips maybe just a tip how to excel in writing essays of course for those student that have some difficulties to gain some idea in examination hall in essays paper...(all language also can)'s a very simple ways actually but need some determination and throw out all the lazyness..

the concept is one essay for one day..u just need to copy an essay refer to the reference book ..just one essay for one day..and copying !! (not photostating ok.write it youself ok)..isn't that easy to do rite?? just do this's not taking such a long time to write such an essay..when there's a will, there's a way..try first and u'll know how work is that..but trust me it works...that's all...

thank you for reading..

*got presentation next week that's why in english mode rite now..just to improve my broken english..haha..and i hate my english class..such a boring teacher,boring situation,boring environment,boring bla bla bla.......

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