Saturday, March 6, 2010

bagi motivasi sikit lah

To stay motivated is difficult for us since there's a lot of negative thoughts playing in our mind and distracting our positive side indeed. Of course it's very difficult to change our bad habit instead still in that pattern. We often have intentions to change, to make some paradigma shift and so and so..but in the end it's still the same.nothing change at all. And the worst part is become more dreadful than before. This is what we should prevent and avoid from happens to us. But how? People seems always know how to change from bad to good but they seems like they dont have enough courage to shift into a new better phase. I dont know what make them so we should be brave to train our brain in order to change.

What I mention above is just to remind myself so that my life would not be such in vain. But my lazyness is just the same to be increase to the some value day by day. I dont know lah.It's very annoying for me to be covered with this lazy part. But I know when there's a will there's a way. But guess where is that way hah? See! i got too many 'but' s where it shows that i got too many excuses on my own . *Sigh*.. Apparently, I really need a changes in my life..

I like to observe people. I like to give my oppinion frankly. I can think liberally but still got border in it.(how is it hah?haha). Based on view and observations that i often made, I can see the real problem of our people is the attitude itself. Well i bet it is a common issue rite? But I still want to write about it since it's quite bothering me in my way to life better. There's too many bad attitude that people always applied to their life that i cannot mention all, of course because, i repeat again, toooooo manyy.. I would like to specific it regarding to this topic that is people's attitude towards other people's change. Know what, when we are in a way to change, we will face with those kind of people that are not benefit us at all,but keep disturbing our life where there cannot see other peoples better than them. I've read from the internet before that if u surrounded by negative people,it's only natural that u'll think, act and feels the same way.The best way is, spend time with positive people,try to understand the way they see the world. I totally agree with this words since it happen's in our sourroundings. U can be friends with everybody of course but u should know to distinguish the negative and positive part and people. unless u choose the zero value which mean u are not in the both can that be, i dont know la kan..

Apparently it's not like what we plan will happen exactly..

Just don't giving up. Keep putting the determinations, efforts, so that we're not regret later day.
Our MINDSET is very important in order to achieve the goals. we should set our mind to be positive. Make ourself positive. POSITIVE,POSITIVE AND POSITIVE!..I dont know why but i really like this word.haaha..when i make some exercise (mathematical student should dirty their hand),and that exercise was about negative integer, i really have no passions on doing it. it's quite troublesome to solve the quetions that involve negative integer.. But it's not the reason i should not solve it rite? The main point that i trying to convey is, ya of course it's really troublesome when u face with negative phenomena but if u manage to solve it, that is good of u lar..u should happy for urself..
*the negative integer's are not too difficult pon it's just some question can make us confusing if involve negative value there..haha

wahhh this post is the longest post kot that really come out from my genius brain(positive thinking of mine) whoever that read my opinions nih i'm really appreciate it and hope that u'll get some benefits in it.

Happy Happy Day everyone!

i'm really motivated rite now.but still wasting time in front of lappy..what the...?waahhahaahhahah


Deco [MisS N] said...

ci Kotak,
memang panjang la karangan nih... tak larat den kepala became dizzy toing toing....anyway well done.. u've done a very gud job..the longest entry u ever done..hahaha

suka hati mls sign in said...

ya..but still got too many grammar mistakes but it will never been notice kot since they're not read it pon..hahahhaha
-tuan pny blog yg mls sign in-