Friday, March 19, 2010

bila sang pemalas bicara tentang rajin

well~ based on the title above, i would like to say here about rajin(hardworking/diligent).how to be diligent and in the same time feel pleased to be like to make diligent as our habit where when we din rajin there's sumtin wrong in our life..and first of all of course we need to say no-no(bai bai !) to our lazy..but just left the lazyness towards the gud thing je lar..becoz if u lazy to loafing(for example) that one gud so no need to no-no to that kind of lazy lar..get it? get it? no? dont understand what i'm trying to convey ah?! what the...! no lar..hahaha..if dun understand just pretend to be understand je lah..haha..make me happy lar wit the understanding...wahahhahaha..

ok stop the gay!

gay?! eh whats playing in ur mind hah? i'm not talking about that 'gay'..what i mean is gay=happy..

ya lar if uolz(gedik jap) understand what i mean,it can make me gay..(ouh this ayat quite confiusing huh?!) hahaha

ok let's get back to the main point..oh mannnn.!.i forgot already the points here..
nevermind lar..i make a new one..(heheeheheheh)

ok nk rajin senang a peanut je..we just need to set our mind properly..the mind set is very important..and the disciplines should be parallel to the mind set..just playing with ur's all depend on ourself..if u love urself so do the best lah for urself..(motivate myself)

I give a common example here..i know most people tend to be soooo lazy to wake up early in the morning to solat how to solve this problem? mother used to said,especially when waking me up to solat subuh, "tido ni tak pernahnya cukup..mati kang tido lar puas-puas.."
how's that hah? ya this kind of thought really made me realize and is like my booster to wake early in the morning.. but sometimes aku terlajak gak..wahahahha

marilah bersama-sama menjadi rajin!..
oh sang pemalas tu adalah me..macam ni la jadinya when sang pemalas talking about rajin..
oh noo..i got two tests consecutively nex wik..but what am i doing rite now?! oh nooo..i need to call my rajin comes to me...
hello..? rajiiinnnnn...,come to mamaaa....hahahhahaha

selamat rajin-rajin read my blog..and rajin-rajin klik-klik(ehem ehem phm phm je lar)

hahahahahhahahahahahha => gay sekejap


Deco [MisS N] said...

yeah,i'm gay now....
after reading dis essay of a gay gurl...hahah,i shuld call u a "gay gurl"..Deal?????

Deco [MisS N] said...
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suka hati said...

ya of course wit the rite meaning la..haha..u oso gay ar rite now?when u gay read my gay essay i'm pleased to feel gay oso...wahahhahahaha..

master of black cat said...

ko ade dua personaliti..pemalas dan perajin..haha