Sunday, October 16, 2011

Learn something new

sometimes i feels like making a journey to somewhere and do some notes about it. Interesting is it? Hmmm will wait for the times to come.

Btw, Assalamualaikum all~

Just wanna express some sort of feelings here..haha poyo kan. No la actually today i will teach a tamil language. Just a few words that i know, and feels like spreading it.

1- nandri : terima kasih
2- vayimuder : tutup mulut
3- yepedei : macam mana
4- vena : jangan
5- korengge : monyet
6- kutty : kecil
7- po : pergi
8- pandi : pig

I think that's all what i can recall now. Later i will update if i remember more. And sorry if it's not right.hehe.

Ok Bai. Have a good nite !

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cik kiah putus jari said...

hey korengge!


nape tak bgtau pembaca pasal kambing takde gigi atas tuh?? haa, they all sume mesti nak taw jugak..ngeh2