Thursday, July 9, 2015

Magic Number 1089

Salam.Hi readers!

Ok back in my Uni life, I have this bunch of friend that love to blogs. So, my friend has created this one blog called nomborbulat. Basically the blog is all about mathematics. Yup, because we love mathematics that much & Just because we are math students. Heee. I just stumbled upon the blog just now & realized that the contents are good & hillarious! Ok let me just take one entry which was written by me. This awesome. No kidding.

Today, I want to do some magic by only using a basic algebra. This magic I name it as SUKA 1089. Why SUKA 1089? Jawapannya sebab aku suka-suka hati je letak nama magic tuh macam nih.. Ada orang tak pueh hati ke?? (hehe)

Orraiitt..Before anything happen,please prepare a pen/pencil & a piece of paper & calculator for a quick calculation.If u have a very strong memory, you can just use your brain to implement this magic.(walaweiiii)..

Sila ikut arahan dengan teliti.*U only can choose #1 until #9 only. #0 cannot ok.

1. Tuliskan 3 digit number dalam susunan menurun.For example 987.
2. Reverse kan number yang telah dipilih tadi.Nak gostan pon boleh.No hal punya.For example 789.3. Ok aku rewind balik...987 ---> 789 . Ada paham?
4. And then tolakkan kedua-dua number tersebut : 987 - 789 = 198
5. After that jawapan kepada solution sebentar tadi yakni yg telah dihighlight kan dgn kaler merah tuh i.e 198 , direverse kan pulak..sekali lagi nak gostan pon bolehhhh..198---->891
6. Final touch. Kedua-dua number yg baru generate tadi silalah tambah : 198 + 891 = 1089 !!!!!

Haaaa! camna? MAGIC kan? Well it's mathematics..Try if you don't believe me.You can use any numbers but please follow the instructions correctly. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask me.(wahhh macam cikgu plak rasa...huehuehue).

Selamat mencuba!

**Mathematics is fun if u know how to enjoy it!!

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