Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tips Interview Yang Sangat Random

*Nah munge untuk awaa*

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Bulan puasa tahun 2010, saya baru graduated & looking for a job. So, in a meantime I was helping my neighbour selling Nasi Ayam at Bazaar Ramadhan & been paid for a RM 20 per day. One day I got called from this one multinational company in banking line. I was very happy then as I have got an interview. You know, when you have got called for an interview its like 70% you will get the job.

I do not want to tell the rest of the journey how I got the job or the memories of it. But I want to share some tips on how to excel in Interview Session. This is merely based on my experiences.

Tips on How To Excel An Interview:

1. Do Not forget to bring your Resume or Profile. And of course bring along your certificates & slip results as well. Put all together in a simple & elegant file. I mean the file should not be so fancy la ok?

2. Clothes. Do not wear jeans. Please get something formal to wear. Blouse, Baju kurung, baju kebaya & etc. Kasut kalau boleh kasi ada tumit sikit. 1 to 2 inch is good enough. Just to look more sophisticated. AND sexy is a NO NO NO unless if you apply for a pub's job..Err

3. Do some research about the company because employer might see you really interested to work with the company. Because when they ask about the company, you can answer it.

4. The most important things sewaktu menghadiri sesi temuduga is, just being confident! Yakin je & keep positive!

5. Tapi jangan over konfiden

6. Jawab secara tenang dan teratur

7. Baca Bismillah & doa penenang hati

8. Boleh jugak zikir bagi lembut hati orang yg temuduga tu nak ambil kau bekerja. Hee

9. Yang paling penting konfiden je and percaya pada diri sendiri

10. Jangan menipu

11. Dah berusaha, sekarang berdoa je

12. Dah berdoa, tawakal lah. Percaya pada rezeki Allah. :)

Tu je setakat ni. Randomness tengah malam.

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